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Theme of the Summer Institute: Web Science and the mind. This summer school will present a comprehensive overview on the interactions between the web and cognitive sciences, with topics ranging from social network analysis to distributed cognition and semantic web.

Dates: 8 to 18 July 2014

Organisers: Stevan Harnad, Petko Valtchev and the Institut des Sciences Cognitives.

Language: Owing to its international character, the Summer Institute will be held entirely in English.

The Institute is intended for:

  • graduate and post-graduate students from the participating disciplines: computer science, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, social sciences, psychology, philosophy
  • faculty members, scholars, engineers, and professionals from these disciplines.

Academic activities: Contents will be presented through lectures, group discussions, and poster sessions.

Materials: All participants will receive the following:

  • a summary of each lecture,
  • a course package of complementary articles for each of the lectures.

Academic credit: For students who wish to take part in the Summer Institute for credit, click here.


Katy Borner, Indiana University
Humanexus: Envisioning Communication and Collaboration
Les Carr, University of Southampton
Web Impact on Society
Simon Dedeo, Indiana University
Collective Memory in Wikipedia
Sergey Dorogovtsev, University of Aveiro
Explosive Percolation
Alan Evans, Montreal Neurological Institute
Mapping the Brain Connectome
Jean-Daniel Fekete, INRIA
Visualizing Dynamic Interactions
Benjamin Fung, McGill University
Applying Data Mining to Real-Life Crime Investigation
Fabien Gandon, INRIA
Social and Semantic Web: Adding the Missing Links
Lee Giles, Pennsylvania State University
Scholarly Big Data: Information Extraction and Data Mining
Peter Gloor, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence
Collaborative Innovation Networks
Jennifer Golbeck, University of Maryland
You Can't Hide: Predicting Personal Traits in Social Media
Robert Goldstone, Indiana University
Learning Along with Others
Stephen Griffin, University of Pittsburgh
New Models of Scholarly Communication for Digital Scholarship
Wendy Hall, University of Southampton
It's All In the Mind
Harry Halpin, University of Edinburgh
Does the Web Extend the Mind - and Semantics?
Jiawei Han, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
Knowledge Mining in Heterogeneous Information Networks
Stevan Harnad, UQAM
Memetrics: Monitoring Measuring and Mapping Memes
Jim Hendler, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
The Data Web
Tony Hey, Microsoft Research Connections
Open Science and the Web
Francis Heylighen, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Global Brain: Web as Self-organizing Distributed Intelligence
Bryce Huebner, Georgetown University
Macrocognition: Situated versus Distributed
Charles-Antoine Julien, Mcgill University
Visual Tools for Interacting with Large Networks
Kayvan Kousha , University of Wolverhampton
Web Impact Metrics for Research Assessment
Guy Lapalme, University of Montreal   
Natural Language Processing on the Web
Vincent Lariviere, University of Montreal
Scientific Interaction Before and Since the Web
Yang-Yu Liu, Northeastern University
Controllability and Observability of Complex Systems
Richard Menary, Macquarie University 
Enculturated Cognition
Thomas Malone, MIT
Collective Intelligence: What is it?  How to measure it?  Increase it?
Adilson Motter, Northwestern University
Bursts, Cascades and Time Allocation
Cameron Neylon, PLOS
Network Ready Research: The Role of Open Source and Open Thinking
Takashi Nishikawa, Northwestern University
Visual Analytics: Network Structure Beyond Communities
Filippo Radicchi, Indiana University
Analogies between Interconnected and Clustered Networks
Mark Rowlands, Miami University
Extended Mentality: What It Is and Why It Matters
Robert Rupert, University of Colorado
What is Cognition and How Could it be Extended?
Derek Ruths, McGill University
Social Informatics
Judith Simon, ITAS
Socio-Technical Epistemology
John Sutton, Macquarie University
Transactive Memory and Distributed Cognitive Ecologies
Georg Theiner, Villanova University
Domains and Dimensions of Group Cognition
Peter Todd, Indiana University
Foraging in the World Mind and Online
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